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12/16/09 16:44:33 (8 years ago)

1.6.2 release added email blacklist

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  • nofollow-free/trunk/lang/lang-en.php

    r35455 r183478  
    1212define("_SETNUMREGAUTH","Set how many comments the REGISTERED author must have written before I remove the nofollow. (default 5)"); 
    1313define("_SETBLACKLIST","Here you can set some <strong>comma</strong> separated words. If one or more of these words are found in the text comment I put back the nofollow, just to prevent spammers."); 
     14define("_SETBLACKLIST_EMAIL","As above you can exclude specific author's emails writing down some <strong>comma</strong> separated emails. (we hate spammers)"); 
    1415define("_SETNUMCOM","Do you want number of comments by a particular author displayed after their name? (default NO)"); 
  • nofollow-free/trunk/lang/lang-it.php

    r35455 r183478  
    1212define("_SETNUMREGAUTH","Scegli quanti commenti deve aver gia' scritto l'autore REGISTRATO prima di togliergli il nofollow. (default 5)"); 
    1313define("_SETBLACKLIST","Qui puoi scegliere qualche parola separata da <strong>virgola</strong>. Se una o piu' di queste parole compariranno nel testo del commento rimettero' il nofollow cosi' da prevenire gli spammer"); 
     14define("_SETBLACKLIST","Come sopra, qui puoi scrivere alcune email separate da <strong>virgola</strong> per bloccare determinati autori"); 
    1415define("_SETNUMCOM","Vuoi visualizzare il numero di commenti fatti da un autore a fianco il suo nome? (default NO)"); 
  • nofollow-free/trunk/nofollowfree.php

    r142360 r183478  
    44Plugin URI: http://www.michelem.org/wordpress-plugin-nofollow-free/ 
    55Description: Remove the nofollow tag from your blog's comments with a lot of options customizable, per user type removal, per comments count removal etc... Supports multilingual and a Top Commenters sidebar Widget. 
    6 Version: 1.6.1 
     6Version: 1.6.2 
    77Author: Michele Marcucci 
    88Author URI: http://www.michelem.org/ 
    134134        } 
    135135    } 
     137    if ($noff_settings['blacklist_email'] != '') { 
     138        $bemail = explode(',', $noff_settings['blacklist_email']); 
     139        foreach ($bemail as $email) { 
     140            if (@eregi($email, $comment->comment_author_email)) { 
     141                $block = 1; 
     142            } 
     143        } 
     144    } 
    136146    // Count comments per authors 
    137147    $queryString="SELECT COUNT(*) as comments FROM ".$wpdb->comments." WHERE comment_author='".$wpdb->escape($comment->comment_author)."'"; 
    328338        $noff_settings['count_comments'] = $_POST['count_comments']; 
    329339        $noff_settings['blacklist'] = $_POST['blacklist'];  
     340        $noff_settings['blacklist_email'] = $_POST['blacklist_email'];  
    330341        $noff_settings['comment_link'] = $_POST['comment_link']; 
    331342        $noff_settings['noff_lang'] = $_POST['noff_lang']; 
    383394        <h4><?php print _SETBLACKLIST; ?></h4> 
    384395    <textarea rows="4" cols="80" name="blacklist"><?php echo htmlentities($noff_settings['blacklist']); ?></textarea> 
     396        <h4><?php print _SETBLACKLIST_EMAIL; ?></h4> 
     397    <textarea rows="4" cols="80" name="blacklist_email"><?php echo htmlentities($noff_settings['blacklist_email']); ?></textarea> 
    385398        <h4><?php print _SETNUMCOM; ?></h4> 
    386399        <p><input type="radio" name="count_comments" value="yes" <?php if ($noff_settings['count_comments'] == 'yes') echo 'checked="checked"'; ?> /> <?php print _YES; ?></p> 
  • nofollow-free/trunk/readme.txt

    r142360 r183478  
    55Requires at least: 2.x 
    66Tested up to: 2.8 - 2.7 - 2.6 - 2.5 - 2.3 - 2.2.3 - 2.2.2 
    7 Stable tag: 1.6.1 
     7Stable tag: 1.6.2 
    99NoFollow Free removes the "nofollow" tag from your Wordpress blog's comments with a lot of custom options and provides the option to insert a "NoFollow Free" band at the top of your blog. 
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