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    1010== Description == 
    12 Tools to get started with [Jump Start](https://wpjumpstart.com). 
     12Spark is a work in progress and will serve as a toolset for getting started with the [Jump Start WordPress Theme](http://wpjumpstart.com). It's currently being developed along side Jump Start v2.2 and Spark v1.0 will mark the official stable release. 
    14 **This plugin requires the [Jump Start WordPress Theme](https://wpjumpstart.com).** 
     14For current Jump Start customers, while some features may be limited as we move along, you are welcome to try out Spark while it's in development, if you're using Jump Start v2.1. 
     16*So what is Spark, exactly?* 
     18Often, you just can't have a jump-start without a spark. -- Jump Start is a very powerful WordPress Theme with a lot of possibilities. However, a big problem we're trying to solve is the struggle to get started with all of these features. 
     20With Spark, our goal is to provide more demo content, sample styles, preset layouts and individual sections, and better administrator features to quickly apply these starting points. However, by confining these things to to the Spark plugin, we can avoid a lot of extra bloat in the theme and provide customers a way to quickly enable or disable all of these extra features. 
     22= Current Features = 
     24Spark is a currently a work in progress, and we've only just begun. Here's what we've got so far. 
     26* 6 full-page sample layouts. 
     27* 7 individual section sample layouts that can be merged into current layouts. 
     28* *Much more to come...* 
    1630== Installation == 
    3347No. Spark is designed specifically for [Jump Start](https://wpjumpstart.com). 
     49= Does this plugin require a specific version of Jump Start? = 
     51Yes. In the end, our plan is for Spark to require Jump Start v2.2+ for its full set of features. 
     53However, because Jump Start v2.2 hasn't been released yet, Spark will currently run with Jump Start v2.1 if you'd like to experiment with it, while under development. 
    3555== Changelog == 
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