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12/11/16 13:31:11 (14 months ago)

Release 2016.1211. Mostly compatibility fixes, one bugfix thing. WP 4.7 compatibility.

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    44Tags: syndication, aggregation, feed, atom, rss 
    55Requires at least: 3.0 
    6 Tested up to: 4.5.2 
    7 Stable tag: 2016.0420 
     6Tested up to: 4.7 
     7Stable tag: 2016.1211 
    99FeedWordPress syndicates content from feeds you choose into your WordPress weblog.  
    2525[Planet]: http://www.planetplanet.org/ 
    26 [Feminist Blogs]: http://feministblogs.org/ 
    2827FeedWordPress is designed with flexibility, ease of use, and ease of 
    9594== Changelog == 
     96= 2016.1211 = 
     98*   WORDPRESS COMPATIBILITY: Tested with new versions of WordPress up to 4.7. 
     100*   PHP WARNINGS UNDER WP 4.7: Eliminated cause of a PHP warning under WP 4.7 
     101    "Parameter 1 to FeedWordPressHTTPAuthenticator::set_auth_options expected to be reference" 
     102    Warnings were due to a change in how http_api_curl hook is sometimes called 
     103    in WP 4.7; so I changed the signature of the event handling method to avoid 
     104    the notice. Props to @cogdog, @froomkin, @gwynethllewelyn et al. for flagging 
     105    the issue and @garymarkfuller for suggesting a preliminary fix to the issue 
     106    that was fairly similar to the solution I ended up adopting. 
     108*   PHP 7 and PHP Strict Standards compatibility changes: @alexiskulash @daidais 
     109    and @zoul0813 all sent pull requests through Github to fix some issues from 
     110    a very old code base that has made its way from PHP 3.x through 5.x to the 
     111    roll-out of PHP 7. Class methods should now fare better under modern versions 
     112    of PHP and generate fewer "Deprecated" notices. 
     114*   IMPROVEMENTS TO SCHEDULED AND AUTOMATIC UPDATES:  use wp_loaded hook to check 
     115    for magic URL parameters and to execute updates, to do pageload-based automatic 
     116    updates, etc. Ensures that anything plugins or themes need to do in init to set 
     117    up custom post types, taxonomies, etc. will be done before the update_feedwordpress 
     118    updates are attempted. If you saw posts not getting put into the correct custom 
     119    post type or custom taxonomies or similar problems when performing scheduled updates, 
     120    but the problem seemed to go away when you manually performed updates through the 
     121    wp-admin interface, then you might be able to solve those problems with this update. 
    97123= 2016.0420 = 
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